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"Hermes Global Development and Trade Management Company, with its experienced and professional staff and advisers, and understanding of company's requirements, provides an appropriate status for advisory services and facilitating activities of customers both in country and abroad that includes Funding projects, attracting and managing capital from domestic and international sources, marketing and getting projects for companies, especially in field of technical and engineering services.
Also, managers and experts of institute, with valuable experience in providing justification plans, analyzing target markets in current and future status, performing legal and corporate affairs, is able to achieve the goals of their domestic and foreign customers with maximum power and effectiveness.



Hermes Global Development and Trade Management Company, with the prospect of being one of the leading consulting and economic companies in the Middle East, Central Asia and the region, in terms of quality and business rank, as well as becoming one of the main values of its customers. In this regard, team of experts has brought together required synergy to achieve this goal.



"The main objectives of Hermes Trade Development Company has been presented as following:
- Improving export of engineering products and services to various countries such as countries where Hermes operates in those countries.
-Improving the quality of products and services of the country
- Creating a safe and economical basis for foreign companies and investors to enter into Iran
- Improvement and training of knowledge-based and business companies regard to 20-years vision of the country
- Improvement of the quality and economic level of enterprises"

Our Values

In some companies, the rules and in some others the hierarchy, is solution of managing the firm. In Hermes we carry out duties by values. Simple but fundamental and effective values that we try to share with our shareholders, employees and customers. These values are our guide in all of our mutual relations, because we institutionalize them in order to achieve our goals.

Being leader

We want to be leader and unique. The outstanding feature in Hermes Co. is the never-ending eagerness of innovation and continuous improvement of quality in all services, products and even business partners.

Value creation

Our goal is to accurately understand needs of our customers and moving towards responding these needs and advising them on how improving their qualitative and quantitative activities so that customers become highly productive organizations. Our process is in a way that establish a long-term relationship through credible and continuous accountability to our customers and causing value creation for them.

Transparency and secrecy

Our organization is open and transparent. We voluntarily publish the information that beneficiary groups in our business have access right to know those and, on the other hand, we keep confidential our customer's information.

Sense of responsibility

Creating an environment and teamworks in which people who self-confident, hardworking, outcome-oriented, critical, explicit and honest, and whoever knows his/her organizational and social responsibilities and doing their best. This is what assists us and our customers to reach our short term and long term goals.

Fulfillment of obligations

We reaffirm our commitment to our customers, shareholders and employees, and their trust is valuable for us. It's our proud to be known as a reliable business partner in opinion of all our partners.


Encouraging teamwork to achieve common goals and mission is one of prominent features of Hermes. We are a family that believe our growth obtained by improving our team's abilities and also ability of our individual members. This beleif cause we effort to promote each other.

Our social Responsibilities

"Hermes is a well known and influential company in the economic environment and creation of global markets. Believing that we are responsible toward our country and international community, makes some duties for us.
We, members of Hermes,are therefore working on small but effective activities in fields such as education, social empowerment, voluntary activities and environmental protection to proceed effectively and paying tribute to our people and community.

The social responsibilities we adhere to: "

Co-operation in Empowering NGO Organizations

We believe that growth of NGO organizations is one of developmental requirements in each country, and we have tried with all of our possible effort in creating and empowering NGO organizations and assisting them to make them fruitful.

Encouraging employee participation and voluntry activities

We believe that participation of Hermes members in volunteering and humanitarian activities, in addition to having a positive impact on community environment, creates a more meaningful and coherent work environment and develops our social skills and expriences.

Supporting knowledge-based companies and business owners

We want to have a small role in building direction to the future of our homeland, and making our role stronger for young and talented Iraninas that creat future of Iran. For them, we create a status by which they believe they can stay in their country, to cultivate their creativity and to be really effective. To reach this goal, we are therefore playing a role in directing activities of younger people in order to lead them along the way.

Scientific collaboration with universities and research centers

We believe that knowledge and experience of Hermes is a valuable resource, and we are responsible to contribute it to all talented and interested youth. Training is done by our experts and holding classes and seminars in field of entrepreneurship, management, accounting, and familiarity with new technologies by Hermes members is in pursuit of this goal.

Looking responsibly to the environment

Hermes Company, as a consulting firm has accomplished this goal by creating investment solutions in renewable energies, and considers Iran as one of the rich sources of this energy. Creating a platform for solar, wind, heat and biogas energies will help to reduce the consumption of natural resources in the country and, on the other hand, reduces pollution and greenhouse gases. In the meanwhile, we try to promote our environmental responsibility culture and practical measures such as encouraging conserving resources and energy and creating paper recycling cycle and so on, for contribution in the conservation of environment and sustainable development of the country.

Message of Directing Manager

"Nowadays, using advisory services in a variety of fields, including business, management, technical, marketing, finance, human resources and etc., is really required for every economic activist in the national and international business sector.

No one can expect that managers of companies and organizations having all the knowledge, insights and skills at all levels, and no one can expect managers having always a treasure of successful and unsuccessful managerial experiences in their personal records.

Today, presence of advisory and broker companies is inevitable in order to expedite activities of companies, as well as assist them to enter global markets. Advisers can help managers in difficult situations by using valuable experiences learned from different companies. Their insights and skills in identifying issues and advising solutions result in pointing out shortcomings and introducing opportunities to companies and institutions in complex and critical situations of organizations and in total, advisors accompany them in realizing their aspirations.

Regarding this purpose, Hermes Global Business Management Company, by recognizing the political, economic and social status of Iran society and target markets by its experienced experts and consultants and an adequate understanding of requirements of companies, has provided an appropriate basis to present required services to exporters of goods and exporters of technical and engineering services as well as companies that are applying for entry into the Iran market for investment and sales of goods and providing other management consulting advices.

Also, managers and experts of the company by their valuable experience in providing justification plans, analyzing target markets in current and future status, doing legal and companies’ registration affairs, are able to promote the goals of companies in domestic and foreign markets with maximum power and effectiveness. Besides to assist companies honestly, we hope to be able to achieve this sacred goal as we believe we should contribute to the prosperity of our homeland economy. Our country's economic growth and development is achieved just through export of goods and exporting technical and engineering services as well as attracting foreign investment, and relying on export-driven companies and knowledge base."