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"Hermes Global Development and Trade Management Company, with its experienced and professional staff and advisers, and understanding of company's requirements, provides an appropriate status for advisory services and facilitating activities of customers both in country and abroad that includes Funding projects, attracting and managing capital from domestic and international sources, marketing and getting projects for companies, especially in field of technical and engineering services. Also, managers and experts of institute, with valuable experience in providing justification plans, analyzing target markets in current and future status, performing legal and corporate affairs, is able to achieve the goals of their domestic and foreign customers with maximum power and effectiveness. " 


In some companies, the rules and in some others the hierarchy, is solution of managing the firm. In Hermes we carry out duties by values.

Simple but fundamental and effective values that we try to share with our shareholders, employees and customers.

These values are our guide in all of our mutual relations, because we institutionalize them in order to achieve our goals.

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